aw, puppies

Really? Probably. (And why did I take the test? That kind of day + easily swayed by others [see below] + sheer desperadoes? Probably.) At least I'm secure.

Your result for The Attachment Style Test...

The Cuddleslut

40% Anxiety Over Abandonment and 17% Avoidance Of Intimacy

You're mostly secure, but sometimes you need a little extra reassurance to make it through the tough times. You are usually affectionate and sweet, and you find it easy to fall in love. An encouraging word from a crush or a loved one can motivate you for weeks.

Other Attachment Types:
Secure: The Unicorn | The Cuddleslut | The Free Agent
Preoccupied: The Cling Wrap | The Squid | The Insect
Fearful: The Doormat | The Leper | The Exile
Dismissing: The Hermit | The Stone | The Player
Confused: The Waffler

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*This is the sound you make when you try to hold in your excitement and mushiness at receiving a very touching email/phone call/note/whatever but then you can't quite hold it in because you are the type of person who, in the words of my friend Meadow, cries at puppies.

This is at leas the fourth Saturday in about six weeks that I'm going in to work and I'm so tired but I have so much to do and I'm so worried - and at the same time I can't figure out how to integrate the other things I want to do today, like going to the video store, getting a latte, and stopping by two different Indian cultural shindigs. Even as I write this out I realize that these are tiny problems and that I just need to calm down. But my's tired. I feel like this:
natalie dee

And then I get one of those "buh" thingies and everything is better - even if I don't schedule myself perfectly today, as long as I get my work done well and am careful with the people I care about, life is pretty good. But I still wish I could take my dog to work and didn't have to leave him on his own again (or just had disposable income that I could earmark for buying my own copy of InDesign for Mrs. Peel).


(That's fun to say!)

The Schmap guide to York includes three photos I took on my visit there last March (St. Mary's Abbey, St. Helen's, and St. Martin's Church). Neato!

In other news, the weather continues to be fabulous, and it's inspiring me to knit. Outside. Wearing a scarf. I found a pattern I like, Green Jeans from the current Knitty, to go with some yarn I've had for almost a year (instead of buying new yarn - what restraint) - and now I just have to figure out if I have circular needles that will work. Where are my circulars, anyway? I haven't done anything in the round in years, so fingers crossed. I haven't read the pattern all the way through yet, but it seems to avoid setting arms into arm holes, which is where my projects go most wrong


It's 73 and crisp and sunny. It's perfect. I wore a jacket and scarf when I walked Leroy this morning, and I could see my breath. Huzzah! And as my new favorite person whom I don't actually know Natalie Dee says, it's cardigan weather!

uh-oh...another tv show to watch

I'm 40 minutes into Victoria Beckham's new tv show and I love it to pieces. In fact, I've had to coin a new term in order to describe it: ridiculicious. It is ridiculicious in all the right ways - painfully high shoes, big sunglasses, weird celebrity hair, heartfelt observations on life in LA (which, unexpectedly, seems almost as foreign to her as it would to me), trying to make new friends, hiring a personal assistant, know, as you do.

And I got 13 of 15 on the Posh lingo quiz, yielding a rating along the lines of "almost ready to join the Beckham entourage." Score!

Update to post (July 18, 2007): apparently it's just one special episode, but at least you can see it online here.

eight random things

I got the "eight random things about yourself" tag from T-Hype, which made me remember that almost two years ago I filled out a tag of sets of seven examples of various things about myself, and a few of these will come from there until I get rolling.

1. I'd really like to be in an all-girls Beatles cover band - not professionally or anything, just for fun - preferably with Rosalie, but the later in life it gets, the less picky I will be about bandmates.
2. I can name the Canadian provinces and territories and their capitals.
3. Instruments I have started to learn how to play and then relatively quickly abandoned: oboe, cello, harmonica, and guitar. My ten years of piano lessons should count for something, though.
4. Speaking of which, whenever I visit my friend Wendy, we delight in hauling out her books of piano duet sheet music and ripping through them at breakneck speed with devil-may-care inaccuracy. It is so fun.
5. The last book I finished was the latest in the fabbity-fab Georgia Nicolson YA series. On our recent trip to England, Melina went looking for foods mentioned in the books, Jammy Dodgers and Midget Gems (not "Jims," as many a shop employee thought she was saying), which is a step beyond our usual habit of just taking on the books' infectious slang. Some examples include "astonishingly dim ____ [insert name]," "dither-spaz" (noun), and "then we laughed like two loons on loon tablets."
6. David Bowie's "Modern Love" makes me laugh like a loon on loon tablets. The reasons for this do not need to be gone over here, because 1) the story is very long and 2) apparently I don't tell it very well - no matter how hard I try to explain to other people why the song makes me laugh hysterically, they just look at me blankly and say "okaaaay...."
7. One of my favorite childhood memories is going to a kindergarten classmate's family farm and holding a piglet. Despite growing up in rural west-central Illinois, I have visited maybe three or four actual working farms (not just houses out in the country) in my life.
8. In 1997 while in graduate school and living at a fancy-pants college (think Oxbridge), I accidentally ate breakfast with Pierre Trudeau. "Accidentally" in that I sat down at his table but didn't recognize him. We ended talking about Canadian history. How's that for pressure?

Damn you, British television!

Bringing me hour after hour of giggles and/or fascination! Not to mention ridiculous new celebrity crushes: David Walliams (Little Britain)

and Nigel Havers from The Charmer (and A Passage to India and Chariots of Fire).

right on

While researching Girl Scout programs for work (really!), I stumbled across their description of the "Our Rights, Our Responsibilities" patch, and from what I read, I think everyone should earn one of these and proudly show it off. To get it, you have to do something from each of these categories:
  1. The right to be me
  2. The right to learn
  3. The right to be heard
  4. The right to live in peace
  5. The right to be happy
  6. The right to work together
Sign me up.

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Oh, now, that's a good April Fool's joke!


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