It's true! You should definitely induce vomiting if someone tries to get you to make a pie men like. (In the figurative way as described in my "about" section, that is. Not if it's your dad's birthday or something. Baking pies for people is a nice thing to do - on your own terms.)

Pies Men Like is poisonous! Induce vomitting if ingested.

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Bad, bad CBS for whatever version of CSI I stumbled across last night, with its...well, I'm tempted to say "morally bankrupt" plot of a gay college student tortured and left for near-dead. And also bad, bad CBS for whatever other crime drama I saw part of that had creepy men praying on destitute single moms and their daughters. Gross, gross, gross. Reality may be far more hideous than this, but you're not helping any.

On the bright side, only 2 hours until the exhibit opening. Hurray for a party on a nice fall day.


John and I went to the basset hound rescue waddle on Sunday. It's hard to know where to begin in describing this, but basically it's a parade of basset hounds, many of whom are dressed up in little hats or bandanas. There was even a tutu. Bassets really are funny-looking dogs, so long and droopy. I spent a few minutes talking to an owner and petting her very tuckered-out dog, and I don't think the dog once acknoweldged my presence. I love dogs, but I think in this particular case I'd rather just own a big pillow - no walking, no baying, no shedding. And just as much vivacity.

logs as the sea

I saw Forbidden Christmas last night and was amazed. I am so new to watching and learning about dance and by some kind of wonderful fortune have seen the Mark Morris Dance Comapny and Baryshnikov in less than six months. I can't get enough. This show was just magic, and the more I think about it the richer and more beautiful it becomes.

On a different note, I am very likely going to Toronto in November! Luci has a conference and has asked me to come with. Like she could stop me!

an epirot's* life for me

* from the OED word of the day:
epirot [ip-PYE-rut]: a person who lives inland, not on the coast. From a Greek word meaning 'mainland'. A word that those of us in "flyover country" can use with pride.

Somewhat tempted to rename my blog the above.

The first in an occasional series of thoughts on what I like about living here.

1) fall: when it comes, it is such sweet relief, even when it comes in taunting dips, like right now. The crisp, cool, clarity is so invigorating and inspiring. Endless deep blue skie; brilliant golden sunshine; crunchy, deep drifts of leaves. (And so far we're already getting the first two of these and it's only September 9!) It is my favorite time of year and I truly do wish I could bottle it. Because of October, I don't think I could seriously consider living somewhere else.

2) wacky random things on campus: this morning I saw a guy riding his unicycle around the parking garage of the performing arts center. This made my day, and I told him so. He was very pleasant to chat with. He tried to ride his unicycle on one of the trails at a nearby state park. (Is that a horrible website or what? Shame.) Turns out we have a mutual friend (a co-worker who also rides a unicycle sometimes). Two degrees of Champaign-Urbana.

I rambled about other stuff too. Wanna see?

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