How does your garden grow?

Wish I had been writing about my three little vegetable plants all summer long, but for now let me just say that this evening I came home from work and made tomato sauce out of tomatoes and basil from my very own garden! Not too shabby! I even had an open bottle of white wine to splash in. And I have put laundry in and I painted over the yucky wallpaper border remnants in the basement and I put down the much-beloved Ikea rug. And it's only 7:17 pm! I am now happily ensconced in front of Debbie Travis's Facelift, featuring some of the 70s' finest furniture, with my knitting and a diet coke.

Ah yes, Friday when you're 30. But work was soooo long this week, and will definitely have to go in this weekend to accomplish something real, so v much need a restorative evening of utility and crafting. And maybe a wee drinky at Boltini later, just to send Jason and Joe off in style.

things that make you go "this is baggy"

Stretch denim, stretch corduroy, etc. do not seem to work out for me. I appreciate 2% spandex to help with shape or drape or whatever but pants made of these materials always seem to just stretch out and get baggy and bunchy in the weirdest places a few days after I buy them and sometimes they don't even fit at all anymore. They are good right out of the dryer though. Does anyone else have this problem?

"Where were you when Brandon and Steve organized an angry mob?"

Do you know what is on tv right this very moment? One of the very best episodes of Beverly Hills 90210. Donna is tearily appealing to the West Beverly school board while her classmates have walked out on their final exams and are, in the words of Brenda and Brandon's dad, staging a "revolution" outside the meeting, waving signs and chanting "Donna Martin graduates!"

The sense of community is perhaps commendable but everyone knows you're not supposed to get caught drinking at prom because late-in-senior-year drama is much anticipated and has to be satisfied. Cow-eyed, sheep-voiced Donna was an easy target.

My high school's drama was a sophomore who got caught smoking off campus at night and was threatened to get kicked out of the spring musical. Thanks to a crafty, sensible, and on-our-side principal, she missed one performance out of three, based on the reasoning that the three-week punishment would make an athlete miss about a third of a season. Thank you Mr. Sabatino, wherever you are. You were too good for our state-college-yet-eerily-Republican town.

Oh goody, hear comes Andrea in her double-breasted blazer to speak on behalf of the class. "Suspend Donna; suspend us all."

And now there's an extra wearing acid-washed paper-bag waist denim shorts with white sneakers and scrunch socks. Some of those LA kids were looking mighty stupid in 1993.

A board member has proposed that Donna can graduate as long as she goes to alcohol counseling over the summer. And the vote.... Nay. Aye. [Donna looks nervous.] Aye. Nay. [Breathless anticipation.] Aye. Yahoo! Hugs! High fives! Wild applause!

Genius. Free Peach Pit pie for everyone!

like you one day discover that your best guy friend has a secret life as a jazz singer/pianist but still wears those grotty old sneakers

I am truly, madly, deeply in love with Jamie Cullum. Make that luuuuurv. I am powerless to take his album out of my CD player and have already proseletized three other people. Who knew someone could sing so casually but so richly? Who knew "Singin' in the Rain" was so complex and smokey? Who knew there was a truthful, appropriately ashamed, and totally funny way to write about not knowing what in the world is going on with your life when you're in your 20s?

It makes you want to be in love, in a good way, in a affection-is-wonderful way, not in a my-life-is-so-empty-and-everyone-has-someone-except-me way.

mais oui

I'm watching a Nova special on archaeological projects outside of Saqqara in Egypt, and one of the French archaeologists just said, of the large limestone blocks above their underground work site, "If you take a rock in the head, it is not so good for you, I think."

C'est vrai, Professeur Obvious.


Too cool. Barbie's new man.

Strange Things Are Afoot at the Circle K

Behold, an ode to Peotone!
On Monday it was our second home.
On #327 we did exit -
a decision we will live to regret -
to use facilities at the station,
but just wound up in stagnation!
The battery died with nary a splutter
sending all our good cheer a-flutter.
After fiddling with keys and maps and phones
we settled to wait with local unknowns
at the regrettable Circle K Taco Bell
which, three hours later, had become our own hell.
Sadly our hearts had started to harden,
interspersed with good lunch at John's Peotone Garden.
The car was then fixed! We got the good call!
But it was too late to get to Chicago at all.
By this point we'd had enough Ford dealer Americana,
so we hopped back on I-57 - towards Urbana.

Shoe envy! Aaaah!

On my way out of the coffee shop after lunch I passed a woman wearing the most wonderful shoes. They were red loafery things with big strappy buckles across the vamp. I think they even had a closed heel (thank goodness - I can't deal with those open-heel loafer slide things any more) and a relatively short vamp, so they weren't penny loafers exactly, and the buckle was very strappy with just a bit of silver on it, not those Gucci buckles. So preppy and so pretty. I would totally fight Suzanne for them. She was wearing them with the one-wide-cuff jeans and a white t-shirt and the whole effect was Elizabeth Taylor somehow - 1950s all-American in the best possible way (yes, I know Elizabeth Taylor isn't American).

Here endeth my inner Carrie Bradshaw.


I cannot believe how excited I am that I, Beth Watkins, have been invited to use Gmail, the new email service from Google. I truly love Google and am so pleased to have been asked. Even if it's just because I infrequently blog, and even if the layout is not very pretty at the moment.

What would happen if we could use Google somehow to run the databases at the museum?

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