It is Friday. I'm so excited that it's Friday, and that I am home from work-related events, that I can hardly type coherently. Tomorrow shall be full of naps and reading on the porch and LOUNGING and maybe a movie and a nice long walk. Hurrah!


If you eat a third of a pint of ice cream, specifically Edy's Fudge Tracks, for dinner, you will feel sick afterward. I know, it suprised me too!

the first sweater of the season

I love fall. Today it was maybe 70, after about a week of 90, and it rained, and you didn't want to get out of bed in the morning because it was so gray and cool, perfect for snuggling in bed and reading. But you went to work anyway, but you didn't care, because there were puddles to splash in. I wore a cardigan all day, a fuzzy one, not just a light summery one. Hurrah!

but it can still take on any robot that's really foil-covered boxes and vacuum tubing

Having just reinstalled OS X on my laptop, am feeling quite hopeful, in a concerned a slightly skeptical sort of way. Said laptop has been acting v suspicously, sending up scary unix-looking messages about kernel panics. On the first trip out, Safari refused to do tabbed browsing, which is causing even more concrn than there already was. Laptop, who is usually called Mrs. Peel for her sleek, fab, clever self and ability to kick ass, has recently been referrred to as Gabbar Singh, an extremely bad baddie from a 70s Indian western - so bad he has no motivation, no tragic background. He's just really awful with a strange chuckle that is a bit reminiscent of a CD drive grinding away.

And now, as it is almost 8 and I haven't had my din-din, it's time to depart the office and hope for the best.

cross-post from Beth Loves Bollywood: ...but Ranganathan he ain't.

[originally written for my Bollywood blog, September 8, 2005]

[Dana, this is mainly for your interest.]

the king of Bollywood on what "India empowered" means to him.

Now, I'm not up on what Bono has been doing on the geopolitical front these days, but this might be a little wackier still. I am 100% with him on the importance of providing entertainment for people and that making people feel good is truly quite important. But:

Personally, I've a problem with the power of information. I'm not an authority on it but I think somewhere down the line, information has been a huge downside. We can access information anytime but we don't know what to do with it. So, information creates bottlenecks. We create a flyover to Nehru Place but forget to connect it to Surya Hotel. Likewise, information as a tool is good but its utility is still unclear. Give a person what he wants but don't bore him. Make avenues for him to use that information, give him the opportunity to make his life better with that information.

I could probably wrangle up a heap of librarians who would be perfectly happy to miscatalog your films, if that's what you're talking about.

I suspect access to information for millions of people in India (including government staff), as in other parts of the world, here included, is still a mighty big issue. Yes, one needs to know what to do with it, and context is a huge part of meaning and utility, but... well... I have no idea what he means by this. Bottlenecks of what? Of ideas? Of acting on information? I think organization, or lack thereof, is what creates bottlenecks. Creating opportunities depends on them being informed by something, by what will be needed by people, of what will be meaningful to them.

Plus, like, think about it in your own context: if your character had known that the mysterious new teacher was the bad guy in disguise, that would have been good. If your character's rival had known that you were in love with his fiancee and that she was in love with you, that would have been good. If you had known that your dead brother's kid's dead mother's sister [no wonder Hindi has terms for specific kinship ties!] wasn't really a gold-digging floozy, that would have been good.

Oh wait, now I get it! Having information destroys most movie plots, leaving you out of a job! Your secret is safe with me!


What secret?


new (school) year's resolutions

Last year I decided that I was simply not going to be afraid of junior high student tours anymore. And you know what? I wasn't. I still don't like them - and let it be noted that I am glad some souls are hearty enough, big enough, to love junior high students, becuase I certainly don't - but they don't scare me anymore. High school students are a different story, so this year I am going to think about resolving not to be afraid of them either. And yes I know that thinking about resolving isn't much of a resolution, but have you dealt with high school students on a class field trip to a museum lately? They are evil. They don't care, and if they do care, they are afraid to show it. So they shuffle their feet, look anywhere but at you, don't answer questions, don't contribute to the "conversation," and giggle with each other, giving off the impression that they are indeed laughing at you. And the girls - you just want to tell them that it really doesn't matter so much what they look like, that there is a big world out there if they want to try it, that there are lots of options; and the boys - well, I mainly want to herd them back on the bus and lock them away until they're 37 and hope they learn something about respect for humanity and the natural world in the meantime.

My other resolution is not to be afraid of singing notes over the C above middle C in choir. Ha. I used to be a mezzo - I can totally do this. Why, just today, we warmed up at the G above that! When I was in high school and took voice lessons, I fainted upon hitting the C two octaves above middle C, my voice teacher bravely blocking the trajectory of my head into the piano, and that's the last I heard of that.

I rambled about other stuff too. Wanna see?

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