Thanks to the Baroque Artists of Champaign-Urbana, I have fulfilled a life-long dream: to sing in a Messiah sing-along! We didn't do the whole thing, but it was still genius. The soloists were lovely. Caveat 1: we only did a handful of the choruses, which did put a damper on my hope of doing the whole thing. Caveat 2: none of the soloists had prepared "But Who May Abide the Day of His Coming," one of my favorites. Still, it was decidedly better than singing along to the CD at home.

I'll get you, Ralph di Bricassart!

Genius folks at Oxygen had a miniseries marathon yesterday. I am thankful for stumbling across the Thorn Birds: the Missing Years right after it started. Richard Chamberlain looks really weird in it - too much plastic surgery? I have only watched the first tape and a half of the original - up to the the scene on the beach. It just got too disgusting for me - not because he's a priest, but because he was her father figure. But a person who reads the ends of books first couldn't bear not to know what happened, so I had a long conversation with a co-worker who filled me in. But on a snowy Thanksgiving morning with a pile of knitting, the sequel was just the right thing. Trash-tacular!

Does "ASCII" rhyme with "turkey"?

" " " " " " " "
" " " " " " "
" " " " " "
" " " "
( o o )
(  V   )
(         )
^ ^

Okay, you can see that my ascii art won't work here, but trust me, in an email earlier today, it was breathtaking, if I do say so myself. And I do.

Get out of my head!

Thank you, Mssrs. Gershwin and Duke:

Settled revolutions in Spain
The North Pole I have charted
But can't get started with you
And at the golf course I'm under par
Metro-Goldwyn wants me to star
I've got a house and a show place
But can't get no place with you

You're so supreme
The lyrics I write of you
Dream, dream, day and night of you
Scheme just for the sight of you
Baby but what good dose it do
I've been consulted by Franklin D.
Even Gabel had me to tea
But now I'm broken hearted
Can't get started with you

You're so supreme
The lyrics I write of you
Dream, dream, day and night of you
Scheme just for the sight of you
But what good does it do
I've been consulted by Franklin D.
Even Basic had me to tea
But now I'm broken hearted
Can't get started with you

why museums are necessary

Who says it was about nothing?

the glamorous life, east campus style

Having late, leisurely lunch with beloved coworker at cafe, lingering over yummy soup and creamy pumpkin pie: glamorous.
Walking back from said lunch holding to-go coffee in one hand and, as tights have started to fall down for no apparent reason, clutching waistband of tights through skirt in other hand: rather not glamorous.

On the other hand, some things finally come home.

I looked at this poem three times a day, every day, for two years, and I never really read it. But this morning, when I saw it gracing the bottom of the pages of the Massey newsletter, it just lept up and grabbed me.

Happiness is impossible, and even inconceivable, to a mind without scope, and without pause, a mind driven by craving, pleasure or fear. To be happy, you must be reasonable, or you must be tamed. You must have taken the measure of your powers, tasted the fruits of your passion, and learned your place in the world and what things in it can really serve you. To be happy you must be wise. - George Santayana

Aha! I knew it! I just knew ignorance wasn't bliss, that happiness isn't simple. This is happiness for people who have been through something (or somethings), for people who think, for people who try. Maybe that's why I didn't really get it in grad school - I hadn't learned enough yet. And, looking back, my experiences at Massey are the ones that taught me the most about myself and my place in the world. As a friend and former don wrote in the current newsletter, "What a gift to take with us."

v g

Am just organising top flight summit of the girls to see Bridget Jones: the Edge of Reason on Friday. Super. Have taken all website quizzes and have discovered that, if were a man, would be Mark Darcy. V g. Have also discovered, however, that based on my name, my scientifically matched romantic partner is Uncle Geoffrey! Urgh! Do often seem to end up attracted to gay men, though, so perhaps is bang-on.

Would really much rather be at home with movie and knitting. Silly work, always getting in the way.


This morning's web radio station of choice was playing "Video Killed the Radio Star" and I was about to really wail on that high part at the end ("Ah-ah, a radio sta-y-ah-y-ah-y-ah-ar") when the director walked into my office.

It is also very unfair to miss the end of "Radio Star" and then be confronted with "Eternal Flame."

Who knew the Cumberland Terrace loo was so photogenic?

the girls in TO, originally uploaded by bethwatkins.

Three intrepid Illinois travelers pause in a Toronto shopping plaza restroom, en route to more interesting destinations.

You can't go home again, eh?

Trip to Toronto with Luci and Tamara, November 3-8

Obvoiusly I know that I don't live in Toronto anymore, but this trip made me feel it. I knew three people in town, my regular breakfast place is now a bar, I forgot which level of the St. George station was Bloor/Yonge, I didn't have a Remembrance Day poppy.... But the flip side is that I really do very much live here, in which I rejoice. So there you go.

Of note: most of the people I chatted with in Canada, whether old friends or perfect stranges, said "How 'bout your election, eh?" and I said "Yeah, I know, I voted and got the heck out." They are so sad. And I don't blame them one bit. I'm sad too. On the positive side, I have signed up at Marry an American.

I rambled about other stuff too. Wanna see?

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