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When, when, when will this come out?


The only argument available with an east wind is to put on your overcoat.
-James Russel Lowell

the first season of Wonder Woman

Good campy fun with a surprisingly feminist/girl power feel. At least when she's not mooning over Major Steve Trevor (major tool, as Melina says) - but even then she saves his sorry self at least once an episode.

from a letter to Melanie, who understands these things

From: Beth
Subject: I am now officially in love with Horatio
Date: January 19, 2005 4:57:11 PM CST
To: Melanie

Obsessed. Like, knocked flat-out in lurv with him.

Due to such, I have done my internet stalking and have discovered this link
in which he sings, in Welsh, "The Pancake Song." Obviously it is a secret code about how much he loves our pancake-eating selves.

I know it does no good to get obsessed with tv characters - as Bridget Jones says about Mr. Darcy, "Being imaginary is a character flaw that cannot be overlooked" - but DAMN.

sorry, sorry, sorry

There's nothing you can do about crazy people on tv, but still. Lord almighty.

What next - kicking puppies?


Despite the little nagging voice in my head, I have purchased the complete Horatio Hornblower series on DVD. ("Complete": until they film more. Which I hope they do!) From someone in Asia (thanks, ebay). Teetered between buying one that said it had all the extra features of the US edition but did not list the episodes and this one, which did list episodes and guaranteed that it could be returned if it's incompatible with your player but did not say it had any extras. Either way, better than paying $120 on the A&E site.

I do this - I get all excited about a show or movie, then buy the tape or DVD or whatever, and I don't always watch it as much as the price would merit. Is it the knowledge that I could watch a few episodes of the Avengers whenever I want, even if I don't usually do so?

emotional geography

The longer you live in a place, the more meaningful, experienced, personal the place becomes. Which, you know, duh, but think about it. I've lived here for eight and a half years now, and the map is getting fuller and fuller of things that have happened.

The sidewalk outside of Dom's? Big, big, embarassing, ridiculous fight with a person I hardly think about anymore. The lit-up steps of the church on State Street? The girls and I did a grand, high-kicking musical number. This parking lot on Columbia Avenue is where I waited, in my car, in my pajamas, in the snow, for the fire marshall to tell me I could go back inside my apartment building and check that my friend's kitten was safe. The sidealk on the west side of Davenport Hall? A friend said he was leaving, and all I knew was that I wasn't exactly sure how I felt about that but that it didn't feel very good, whatever it was. But the tree just on the other side of that very spot? The very best sunny, giggling, lounging afternoons.

Of course, this is what makes a place home (and what makes buildings worth saving, the historic preservation half of my brain reminds me) - and it is soooo worth it.

Introducing the Middle Finger Ring

Middle Finger Ring, originally uploaded by bethwatkins.

Product development and text by Melina. Photoshopping by me (and on a trackpad, too, I might add). Images by unfortunately-inclined people who post such things online. Idea inspired by the manipulative, greedy baddies in the diamond industry who invented the right hand ring idea. I will never link to them.

the grocery debate

For six months in 2004 I tracked all of my expenses, and the most interesting revelation is that I spent more on eating out than I did on groceries. Melina says this is just one of the perks of the "thirty and thrilling" single life, but obviously I need to rein it in, which means I'll spend more money on groceries, which leads to the following question: I truly love shopping at Schnuck's, but 1) is there a less expensive option that will be just as satisfying and 2) am I willing to re-learn grocery patterns in order to save money? I have been once to County Market (near Church and Mattis) and once to Jerry' IGA (the one by Round Barn). From my undergrad days, I remember County Market as being somewhat ghetto - a point perhaps supported by the recent closure of the downtown Urbana one - and the one I visited - well, let's just say that if Schnuck's is upscale, this one is dooooown. Jerry's was a really pleasant surprise, with the health/international section and many more choices overall than I anticipated. Plus I have just discovered they support the Champaign Public Library, a definite plus.

Another reason I've been thinking about all of this is from reading Choose the Blue and similar sites, because if I spend about $1500 a year on something, I sure as heck want my money to go as blue as possible.

the cookbook archives part 2

Taking advantage of the warm weather, yesterday I went through the rest of the boxes of cookbooks. The packrat ("archivist," rather) and historian in me want to save everything, but the sensible part of me knows that if someone really wants to find old jello salad recipes, they can do so on the web. I saved about ten more volumes - a basic Chinese cooking guide, Favorite Czech Recipes of Nebraska, something mysteriously called Old Virginia Housekeeping - but am earmarking for the recycle bin all the rest, including ancient volumes on "microwave cookery" and cookie recipes sent in by members of the Embroidery Guild of America.

I love the word "cookery."

I rambled about other stuff too. Wanna see?

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