factors in a satisfying IKEA trip

...as recently demonstrated by Suzanne, Melina, and Beth:
- trustworthy, good-natured companions who will allow you time to dither between colors of lamp shades but who will also gently suggest that you jettison your fifth package of paper napkins before hitting the check-out
- no rain: because those oversized clear, logo-emblazoned bags can only cover up so much of your purchases. Although Suzanne and I have seen an enterprising gal turn them into a rain poncho and hat
- planning ahead with shopping lists, measurements, and knowledge of how much of your resources you're willing to expend on any one item and the excursion in general
- agreed-upon time of departure
- avoiding unnecessary areas of the store, such as the "design your dream kitchen" and "install wood laminate flooring" staions. The children's area does not fall under this category becuase looking fondly at the ball crawl is strangely rewarding even if you can't go in.
- midway break of apple cake with the little plastic thingy of vanilla goo and a airline-style cup of coffee. I am always delighted to find good coffee in weird places, although the store is Euro, so it really should just be expected to pony up
- $25 duvet cover WITH TWO SHAMS!

These read a bit like factors in a successful military campaign, don't they? Except for the last two.

I rambled about other stuff too. Wanna see?

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