in which 90 minutes into a ceremony is too late

Saturday Jason graduated. AND gave a speech on how the maturation process of undergads is like the maturation of their research paper writing skills. In keeping with that, Jason himself may have left paper writing until the last minute, but he certainly has figured out the big thing and has gone after it. He's more clear-headed about what he values and why and how to get involved with it than most people I know.

We had made a big posterboard sign that said "Vote Wilson 2016," which would be the first year he's eligible to run for president, and had held it up numerous times, when about 90 minutes into the graduation a very polite usher told us he needed to confiscate it but that we could pick it up at the ticket office later. We were doubtful, given the similar experience of Melina. Why bother taking it away about 15 minutes before the end of the event? Even though it was silly, they were so nice about it that it's hard to mind much. (Luci got the sign back and gave it to Jason, who posed happily for the camera.)

PS After a weekend conversation about who could and could not do one-handed push-ups, we realized that Josh is indeed gone.

I rambled about other stuff too. Wanna see?

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