in which there is proof, in addition to the Red Green Show, that even I will not watch something just becuase it's Canadian

I am a capital-f Fan of design and DIY tv shows, and I get truly excited to see a new one. I know this isn't exactly new, but yesterday I caught my first episode of Designer Guys. I am most seriously displeased, and that's saying a lot: I mean, they're snippy decorators, they're Canadian, they appear to film in Toronto. What's not to love? A complete lack of relevant content, that's what. Maybe my taste is just too far off from theirs to find this entertaining, but the bickering is really annoying. I agree that debate and discussion are a big part of making taste-based decisions, but come on.

To be fair, their own website says "don't call it a decorating show" or "an information show." So I won't. I'll call it a show I won't watch.

Also, I give major points for an insult about hot pink accessories, approximately as follows: "What? I can't hear you. Your belt is too loud."

On the other side of the reversible duvet cover, I love love love HGTV's Home to Go, which features a loveable, useful host and loveable, useful content. (Note that it's only the Canadian HGTV website that lists the show's projects and provides instructions, even though US HGTV also broadcasts the show. It's almost as though Canadians secretly don't even really want the rest of the world to know how cool they are. You can't have it both ways, people: you either get to whine that no one recognizes you for your true greatness, or you get to hoard your greatness all to yourself, not both. But maybe this is instead a case of the US version not wanting to link to Canadian greatness. Anyhoo....) Before I bought my house, I longed for shows and magazines that featured projects and issues pertaining to those of us who rent out living spaces - no repainting, no knocking down walls, no installing new floors. This show is genius for its affordable, adaptable, flexible, truly cool projects. I like that reality is a factor to the projects. Also the host is really good at explaining what he's doing and what tools and supplies are needed.

I rambled about other stuff too. Wanna see?

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