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Today I am 30, as indicated by having stuck a pink bow to my sweater. (My family is one of few traditions, but one is that when you get a present, you stick the bow on yourself, prefereably on your head. Actually I might be the only one in my family who does that....) In an hour I have to go work the front desk and I can't decide whether to de-bow for the occasion. I think not.

People keep asking me how I feel about being 30, and I feel g. V g. All I can say is, I really do hope this decade is filled with much less "not knowing" than the previous one and a half. I have been lucky enough to have a lot of the following things in life so far, but my birthday wish is for: more confidence, more calm, more creativity, more care for everyone and everything, more affection, more kindliness, more travels, more good books, more time with friends.

Oh, and for the world and everything and everone in it to heal and be joyful. Because right now, frankly, it hurts to think about. But for a change, I think today I can avoid thinking about it, because it is a truly beautiful day, clear and crisp, full of flowers and sunshine, the kind when dogs lift their noses into the breeze and their ears flutter, and if you tip your head to one side and squint, you can imagine everyone else is having a beautiful day too, the kind of day when it's impossible to be anything other than happy and laughing and ready to be nice to others.

It's perfect.

Yay 30!

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