I got a cell phone! And it is so cute. I love it. It was a celebratory purchase after getting a very unexpected raise, inspired by one too many moments of pure inconvenience from not being able to get in touch with friends out and about. I absolutely am not allowed to have it on or touch it or even look at it while driving. Remind me of this.

I put up a Kerry/Edwards sign in my lawn a few weeks ago, with some hesitation because I have never been a particular advertiser of my opinions. I mean, it was a big deal to me to put Mac apple logo and communitiy radio stickers on my car. My neighborhood is, mercifully, full of Kerry/Edwards signs, and the occasional "regime change begins at home: vote Bush out" sign, so I knew I wasn't alone. But the house next to me has a big flag on the porch, and one member of the family that lives there is a retired police officer, and I could just imagine angry glares as I weed my tomato patch. Sure enough, a week after I put my sign up, he puts not one, not two, but five Republican signs of varying sorts in his front yard, including two Bushy/Cheney. Shudder. On Saturday I was chatting with another of the family and she said, "My husband is so embarassing with all those signs. Do you know, he's not even registered to vote?" I'm thinking maybe you shouldn't be allowed to have a sign if you can't be arsed to register to vote. Although the more Bush supporters who can't vote, the better, right?

I rambled about other stuff too. Wanna see?

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