Despite the little nagging voice in my head, I have purchased the complete Horatio Hornblower series on DVD. ("Complete": until they film more. Which I hope they do!) From someone in Asia (thanks, ebay). Teetered between buying one that said it had all the extra features of the US edition but did not list the episodes and this one, which did list episodes and guaranteed that it could be returned if it's incompatible with your player but did not say it had any extras. Either way, better than paying $120 on the A&E site.

I do this - I get all excited about a show or movie, then buy the tape or DVD or whatever, and I don't always watch it as much as the price would merit. Is it the knowledge that I could watch a few episodes of the Avengers whenever I want, even if I don't usually do so?

I rambled about other stuff too. Wanna see?

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