it's always nice to be asked

I have just been invited to the conference, including banquet with ballroom dancing (!), for the folks with whom I worked on a small but very complicated exhibit. Which is great, becuase I'm interested in the conference and will get to hang out with my dad more (you can't even keep retired historians away from a scholarly gathering), and it's always lovely to be invited to things and feels v respectful and professional.

But.... It's never fun to be at a dance without a partner. I don't really fancy the idea of having to fumble through the foxtrot with aged classicists, or of sitting by myself and not even being asked by aged classicists. I'm slightly uncomfortable with the idea of dancing with my dad, and I've never once known my dad to dance in any way (although as a high schooler in the 50s and a frat member in the early 60s, surely he had to learn to walz somewhere?). I can't bring myself to ask John, who seldom dances and hates dressing up.

I do love ballroom dancing and even know a few, so in theory this should be fun. Is it immature to worry about these things? Would I be a better grown-up if I just went to the event and vowed to enjoy it no matter what? It's just so very hard to feel good about yourself when you're the youngest person, from an unrelated professional field, in a room of smart people who already know each other. Dancing just aggravates existing feelings of insecurity and not-fitting-in-nees.

On the other hand, maybe I'll meet the history geek of my dreams and have a whirlwind romance between and or something.

Please advise.

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