and he was all, "I'm too important for this"

I volutneered at Ebertfest last night, the first of four shifts, and if the others are like this one, it will be a good weekend indeed. In addition to chatting with the festival-goers and watching Roger Ebert very kindly talk with children, their parents, and random college student volunteers about movies - and mind you these two things are the real highlights of the evening - I got a very snazzy gigantor baby blue t-shirt emblazoned with "Virginia Theater volunteer" (oh how I love to have a badge of belonging) and I had a minor celebrity run-in. Jason Patric, star of such fine films as Speed 2 and Your Friends and Neighbors (screw the reveiws, that was a hateful, horrible story that shouldn't ever have been told), was in town because he's the festival guest for After Dark, My Sweet. My volunteer duty last night was to make sure everyone coming in the door for passholders actually had a pass and was wearing it around their necks. He, of course, was not. He just brushed past the other volunteer working our door and pointed at the person ahead of him, who had a VIP pass, and said "I'm just going... I'm with her." She wheeled around and said, "Yes, yes, it's fine, he's with me."

This is the cloest I have ever come to a brush with Hollywood attitudes and even at its minor scale it amused me no end. All the other festival guests had their passes out and on, including the stars of the other movies who were present. Roger Ebert, who, while not an actor, has had and will continue to have a far greater influence on film than Jason Patric, was really nice to everyone, hugging volunteers, signing programs, and talking with audience members. This is Champaign, my friend - follow the rules and be pleasant just like everyone else. I don't think anyone cares who you are - especially when only one (me) of six door staff recognized you.

I rambled about other stuff too. Wanna see?

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