why you should use your cubicle as a sock puppet theater

I love, love, love that the NBC version of "The Office" has developed a slew of its own genius tiny details. Like in this picture the boss is wearing one of those cause/statement bracelets (which are worn by the armful by the sixth graders who visit my museum, this indicating with certainty that the trend must be stopped) and that his equally awful assistant is wearing an anime tshirt.

The series makes me so grateful I work where I do, that my colleagues are lovely, intelligent, fun people and that what we do is meaningful to us. It also makes me appreciate my approximately eight months in a cubicle for what it was. Such as learning how to write professionally worded "don't mess with me" letters. Or learning how to face dreaded tasks with the attitude of "it's only for this particular job, just do it and stop worrying, it doesn't imply anything about you or your skills." Or making the most of the urge to be creative within the boundaries of appropriateness which, in my case, included making a sock puppet to voice all the things I wanted to say but couldn't and the chance to use my cubicle as a performance space, giddily entertaining the paralegal in the next cubicle as my puppet, Willa, popper her head over the wall-let (they really aren't whole walls, so I figure they need a name that indicates so).

If you missed it, Willa's adventures at my current workplace are documented here.

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