death trap

Long ago my mother instilled in me a fear of flip-flops. Don't walk long distances in them - they have no arch support. Don't run in them - you could trip. Don't ride your bike in them - you could get tangled up and not be able to use the pedals or get your toes stuck in the spokes. She was right, of course. I see all the students trapsing around campus and wonder how they are not buckled over in pain, my mother's voice running in my head. And when I wore mine yesterday evening, becuase all my other summer shoes were rubbing, I was convinced I would not be able to make the 4-minute drive to John's house safely, my feet ensnared in hot pink foam and orange plastic, unable to reach the brakes.

Summer is bringing with it a host of other worries of varying significance, ranging from inconvenienced-by-heat to panicked-homeowner. If I turn on the a/c, will its draining system suddenly burst and flood my basement? If I keep the window open, will my dog be miserable in the midday heat while I'm at work? If I hire someone to diagnose my humongous maple tree, am I ready to do deal with the diagnosis? How can I take two short vacations withoug going broke? In an attempt to save money, can I actually sew a pair of capri pants that look normal? Are all the plants I bought in the spring going to make it through the summer, or have I just wasted over $100? Do I need to put out my remaining window boxes so the neighbors won't tsk-tsk?

The only sensible option is to get a lemon shake-up from Taste of Champaign and sit quietly in the shade with a book. Shade is free and books are delightful. Good deal.

I rambled about other stuff too. Wanna see?

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