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While walking my dog this morning, I strolled by a house that has recently sold and whose owners appear to be doing the grand pre-moving cleaning out. Among the items set out by the curb for trash or taking was a twin-size headboard. On the side facing the street, it looks like a relativey normal dark wood headboard. On the side facing the sidewalk, it is a different story. This side has been painted with what at first glance appears to be a landscape of some kind. On closer inspection, the painting depicts the upper back and head of a person with long, blonde hair whose hand is raised. The raised wrist is encircled with a black chain that leads to and is "tied" around the bedpost. On the lower portion of the bedpost is what looks like a phallic-shaped lamp (base and shade, as it were). Other decor was limited to trees and grass - at least I think it was - I stopped looking at that point.

Is the painting instructional? wishful? commemorative? And what was the age of its artist? Clearly I need to borrow a digital camera for tomorrow's walk and post a picture.

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