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The other day Melina told me about a beautiful piano she saw for sale - for only $100. So I made an appointment to go look at it - and try it out - but when I showed up at the scheduled time the woman said it had already been sold - their son had taken my appointment but not told them about it or given them my number so they could call me. I was really surprised how sad that made me. On the way to their house I had been fretting about whether I could handle making moving arrangements for it, or whether was ready to commit to such a big, complicated physical object. For me, you can't get a piano and then not play it - you have to play it becuase that's its purpose - that's how it knows it's loved. I'm no professional, but music has a significant role in my... my what, my life? my mind? - it's a mental joy, an emotional joy - and because piano was my first musical experience, an instrument is a tie to my childhood, to the house I grew up in, to my dad who encouraged me to play, to high school choir practice, to moments when my parents were out and I'd haul out my Beatles sheet music and just wail away at the top of my lungs, loudly, not playing well, but with feeling, as they say. I was never exceptionally good at the piano, but I loved it anyway.

It's weird to have sudden opportunities, and get all caught up in the swirl of a possibility, and then just as quickly have to let go and detach. Oh well. Someday, my piano will make itself known, even if I have to smuggle my dad's out of their basement and haul it across time zones.

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