but it can still take on any robot that's really foil-covered boxes and vacuum tubing

Having just reinstalled OS X on my laptop, am feeling quite hopeful, in a concerned a slightly skeptical sort of way. Said laptop has been acting v suspicously, sending up scary unix-looking messages about kernel panics. On the first trip out, Safari refused to do tabbed browsing, which is causing even more concrn than there already was. Laptop, who is usually called Mrs. Peel for her sleek, fab, clever self and ability to kick ass, has recently been referrred to as Gabbar Singh, an extremely bad baddie from a 70s Indian western - so bad he has no motivation, no tragic background. He's just really awful with a strange chuckle that is a bit reminiscent of a CD drive grinding away.

And now, as it is almost 8 and I haven't had my din-din, it's time to depart the office and hope for the best.

I rambled about other stuff too. Wanna see?

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