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[originally written for my Bollywood blog, September 8, 2005]

[Dana, this is mainly for your interest.]

the king of Bollywood on what "India empowered" means to him.

Now, I'm not up on what Bono has been doing on the geopolitical front these days, but this might be a little wackier still. I am 100% with him on the importance of providing entertainment for people and that making people feel good is truly quite important. But:

Personally, I've a problem with the power of information. I'm not an authority on it but I think somewhere down the line, information has been a huge downside. We can access information anytime but we don't know what to do with it. So, information creates bottlenecks. We create a flyover to Nehru Place but forget to connect it to Surya Hotel. Likewise, information as a tool is good but its utility is still unclear. Give a person what he wants but don't bore him. Make avenues for him to use that information, give him the opportunity to make his life better with that information.

I could probably wrangle up a heap of librarians who would be perfectly happy to miscatalog your films, if that's what you're talking about.

I suspect access to information for millions of people in India (including government staff), as in other parts of the world, here included, is still a mighty big issue. Yes, one needs to know what to do with it, and context is a huge part of meaning and utility, but... well... I have no idea what he means by this. Bottlenecks of what? Of ideas? Of acting on information? I think organization, or lack thereof, is what creates bottlenecks. Creating opportunities depends on them being informed by something, by what will be needed by people, of what will be meaningful to them.

Plus, like, think about it in your own context: if your character had known that the mysterious new teacher was the bad guy in disguise, that would have been good. If your character's rival had known that you were in love with his fiancee and that she was in love with you, that would have been good. If you had known that your dead brother's kid's dead mother's sister [no wonder Hindi has terms for specific kinship ties!] wasn't really a gold-digging floozy, that would have been good.

Oh wait, now I get it! Having information destroys most movie plots, leaving you out of a job! Your secret is safe with me!


What secret?


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