mouse: 3 me: 1 Leroy:-1 (warning: contains a gory detail of pet ownership)

Is it possible that my dog's recent spat of odd behavior could be his response to there having been a mouse (or mice? oook) in the house? The behavior lines up exactly with me first noticing the mouse - about 12 hours after I saw it scurry across the dining room, Leroy started eating tissues out of trash cans and pulling out other trash and strewing it across the floor (but never knocking over hte can or taking the whole trashbag out - just piece by piece). And just now, I finally caught a mouse - not 30 mintues after having baited the trap! yesssss! - and I ran outside to throw it away and came back in, and Leroy curled up in a spot on the floor I have never seen him choose before, looked over his shoulder at me, and then threw up.

This poor little mousie must be given due respect - hence the score of 3 above. This little one avoided one snappy trap and somehow got another one out of the drawer it was set in and dragged it behind the cabinet or somewhere else in the depths of my kitchen that I cannot see nosing around with a flashlight. And it got the food off of both. It also had the a hearty laugh at me when I realized that it had taken the peanut butter off the first trap without the trap going off, and in disgust I took it out of the drawer, and of course it went SNAP, just grazing my finger, causing me to yell loudly and uncreatively.

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