thumbs all opposed

and nowhere to go

Make no mistake, am inexpressably grateful that ER trip seems to have more than cured what ailed me. But due to gentle ouchiness and bandage, cannot really do much. Typing a bit difficuilt, but on the bright side have learned how to use left hand for spacebar. Cannot hold certain things well - keys, pens, dog leash, knitting needle - or comfortably wear mittens or gloves, an actual problem given the cooooold snap we're in. Should be happy to have clear reason to do nothing but sit and read, but the moment I feel it, am immediately taken with notion that want to be writing Christmas cards, organizing files, cooking, etc. Feel almost, but not completely, useless and almost, but not completely, like might get bored since can't do the things want and need to do (other than read - reading v g). But only boring people are bored.

And am plumb out of half and half, so no freshly-brewed coffee to welcome me back inside from morning walk tomorrow morning. Really, why get up?

I rambled about other stuff too. Wanna see?

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