Finally, a novel has grabbed me: Curtis Sittenfeld's Prep, and it's sooooo good. Here are two choice quotes:

"What kind of heart did [she] have if she could remorselessly block the crush of another girl? Only if she liked the boy herself could there be justification; otherwise blocking someone else's crush was always and absolutely wrong." This is true - I'd had a sense of its truth for a long time, even without the words to phrase it. It's true even at 32. And it's why I don't tell certain people about my crushes.

"Once they've decided to occur, will the bad coincidences of your life seek you out, their shape changing, their consequences staying the same? Or maybe their shape doesn't even change; maybe they hold form, waiting for you as patiently as turtles."

I rambled about other stuff too. Wanna see?

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